About Us

Hi, we’re Henry and Jen.  We love our coffee and it felt right to share our passion with others who are looking for good coffee experiences wherever they may be.

Jen was brought up in the company of Italian godparents and became familiar with, and grew to enjoy, strong black Italian-style coffee.  She resolved that it was better to enjoy one good cup of coffee a day rather than multiple cups of less than satisfactory taste.

Henry had a later introduction to coffee flavours and started enjoying coffee with friends as a young adult.

We both have our favorite styles of coffee, but also enjoy exploring new styles, such as ristretto, and trying recipes that incorporate coffee.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and find something that you like that will perhaps lead you on a new journey in coffee flavor.  Or perhaps you will find something to add to your coffee brewing routine to enhance your experiences and enjoyment.

Start with good coffee beans to make delicious coffee