For Coffee Lovers

Brewing Turkish and Greek Coffee

What makes drinking coffee so special?  Great coffee flavor, good company when you want it, pleasant and comfortable surroundings, will all help make a great coffee experience.  But we can’t provide those on a website!  However, we can talk about accessories and treats that will enhance your enjoyment, and even make great gifts for coffee lovers.


Let’s start with the vessel you want to drink your coffee from.  You might like a mug that has character, or one that evokes memories of a special place or person, a Limoges bowl (if you’re fortunate enough to find one) that you can warm your hands around, or one that holds the right amount and just feels comfortable to hold.

How about those good-looking double walled glass mugs – are they a mug if they don’t have a handle?  But they make a statement when visitors call for a coffee.

perhaps consider a mug suitable to take on your morning commute; one that’s insulated, easy to carry and non-spill.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Let’s start with grinding your beans for that very fresh hit of flavour.  Electric models are compact, very quick, and provide an even grind for your beans, some even providing different grades of grind to suit your preferred method of making coffee.

And then there’s the glamorous classic, the consummate expression of style:  the antique -look hand grinder.  Stunning!  The wood exudes the aroma of your coffee to linger and tempt long after grinding.

Wooden Hand Coffee Grinder


Some people really need froth on their coffee to complete their experience.  Whether it’s the sheer joy of scooping into the thick creaminess and savouring each mouthful, or perhaps it’s the chocolate dusting, or the design the barista has effortlessly crafted that rounds out the ultimate experience of what drinking coffee is all about.

If your coffee maker doesn’t have a built-in frother, you can create froth, either with a hand-held battery operated model, or an electric one that heats and froths at the same time.  Your choice.

Carousel for Coffee Capsules or Pods

If you have a coffee maker that uses coffee pods, cups or capsules, you might like a carousel to showcase your collection for visitors to select from, or you might just like the convenience of being able to quickly pick the one you want for that first caffeine hit of the day.

Storage for Ground Coffee

If ground coffee is your preference, you might want an airtight canister in which to store your beans to retain their freshness so that the flavour lasts till the very last bean.   What you choose may depend on where and how the coffee producer recommends you store your coffee.  Check the pack for directions.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life whose birthday or Christmas present needs to be something special?  Here are some ideas for you to think about and stir your imagination.

Would they like wall art, or coffee themed placemats or coasters?

And then there are chocolates; hand crafted with flavors especially for coffee lovers.  Chocolate coated coffee beans are a particular favorite!  If you like to live on the wild side, try chili chocolate or chocolate coated ants ….

What about a book about coffee, perhaps with recipes for super treats at home?

There’s something sophisticated about taking your special friend out for a coffee date to somewhere outstandingly glamorous.  Add some delicate and delicious petit fours to really raise the bar of spoiling!  Again, that’s something we can’t provide on our website, unfortunately.

Iced coffee with ice-cream, topped with a swirl of cream and dusted with chocolate looks elegant in tall glasses.  Match them with long spoons to get that last delicious scoop of cream. Get the look as well as the taste!

Do you have the small delicate cups and saucers for espresso?  There’s another idea.

Try serving ristretto on a rectangular plate with coffee ice-cream in a small glass bowl and your hot espresso in a shot glass on the side.  Watch the ice-cream melt as you pour over the hot coffee – yum!


Have a look around in our Recipes page for recipes for coffee ice-cream and flavored coffees.

Roasted coffee bean